How To: Upload Artwork

The new Dittos website makes uploading artwork easier than ever. If you’re not entirely sure how get your artwork to us, simply follow this guide below:


Step 1: Select the “Upload” link from the main navigation

Select Upload Link







Step 2: Input the required contact information shown in red, and optionally give us details about your company in green. If you know your sales rep, this will be the time to select that as well.

Required Information






Step 3: Give your project a name, and fill out the description box. This is where you can tell us specific project information such as paper type, quantity, color or black and white print, as well as a wanted by date, proof date, or request a call back. Then simply select “Choose File” to insert the file from your phone or computer. If you need to upload multiple files at once, simply create a zip folder containing the files, and upload that.


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